Convicted Hitman Testifies in Willie Davis' Capital Murder Trial

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One of the hitmen in a deadly plot against a local rap producer was not behind bars Monday as he testified in a Bryan resident's capital murder trial.

Brad Padrick, who is currently serving time for his role in the murder of Tommy Andrade, took the stand Monday afternoon as the state's star witness against Willie Davis.

Padrick testified Davis knew about the plot and was involved even though he didn't fire the fatal shot. During his testimony, Padrick said it was financial trouble that forced him to work for the Davis'. He said he came to Texas with another alleged hitmen, Boris Mogilevich, to carry out the Davis' mission of revenge against Andrade.

The Davis' told Padrick that Andrade stole $100,000 in drugs or money from them. Padrick testified Willie Davis knew about the plot to burglarize Andrade. He said in August 2003, he, along with Mogilevich and another alleged hitmen, Jesse Mancuso, broke into Andrade's mobile home and demanded money. Mancuso died at the scene after being shot.

Padrick said Andrade opened fire, killing Mancuso and seriously wounding Padrick and Mogilevich. Padrick continued that Mogilevich fired the fatal shot that killed Andrade.

After the shooting, Padrick said Willie Davis' sons, Chad and Trey, took Mogilevich and Padrick to a local Motel 6. He said Willie Davis met them there with medical supplies and helped bandage wounds. In addition, Padrick testified it was Willie Davis that drove him and Mogilevich to Atlanta where they could be treated for their wounds.

Padrick is serving two consecutive 20-year sentences for burglary and robbery.

Also testifying Monday was Adam Goodman, who said he flew to Texas in August 2003 with Mogilevich for what he believed was a vacation. Within 24 hours, he said he knew that was not true.

Goodman testified that Chad and Trey Davis drove he and Mogilevich by the Oak Creek mobile home community where Andrade was killed. It was during that drive that the Davis brothers told Goodman of their plan to get revenge on Andrade.

Goodman testified he wanted no part in the plot.

"I'm not willing to go the distance for people I didn't grow up with," Goodman said. "This isn't a cartoon. Stuff happens."

Goodman said Trey later took him back to Houston so he could fly home.

Also testifying Monday was Chad Davis' ex-girlfriend, Marti Fox, who took the stand after the state agreed not to prosecute her for her role in the crime.

Without knowing it was linked to the Andrade murder, Fox said she drove Padrick and Mogilevich from Chad's home in Point Blank, Texas, to Bryan the day before the murder. She also testified she drove Trey's Tahoe -- which she later learned was the getaway car -- to Houston, where she thought it was going to be sold.

Fox testified she and Chad had a romantic relationship for about two years. She said after a few months into the relationship, she learned that Chad was involved in drug trafficking with his brother, Trey, and his dad, Willie.

When the defense asked who was in charge in the family, she testified Chad seemed to be the dominant one.

Padrick's ex-wife, Allison Palmer, also testified Monday, along with Jesse Mancuso's mother.

Testimony continues Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. in the 85th District courtroom.