Mother of Convicted Middleman Testifies in Davis Trial

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Tuesday was an emotional day in the capital murder trial of a Bryan resident.

Through a few tears and broken words, Sandra Albably, of Georgia, re-affirmed the state's contention that Willie Davis was involved in the death of local rap producer, Tommy Andrade. Albably is the mother of convicted middleman Thomas "T.J." Parent.

Parent is currently serving a 35-year prison sentence for the crime.
In February, he pleaded guilty to engaging in organized criminal activity and burglary of a habitation.
The sentence was part of a plea agreement.

Parent allegedly found the three hitmen to carry out the deadly raid on Andrade.

Tuesday, his mother emotionally recalled the August 2003 night, which she said will stick in her mind forever.

Albably, also a registered nurse, testified she was called to assist the morning after Andrade was killed.
Albably said she went to a Georgia hotel, where she found two injured hitmen, Bradley Padrick and Boris Mogilevich, suffering from serious wounds.

She claimed she didn't know they were gunshot wounds, but other witnesses have testified otherwise.

Even though she arrived with bandages, Albably said she did not treat the wounds and insisted the pair go to the hospital.
As soon as the men left the hotel, she said her son took her to a Georgia Wal-Mart parking lot where Willie Davis' tour bus was parked.

That's when she said Parent told her Davis had driven the two hitmen from Brazos County to Atlanta.
Albably testified Parent had introduced Davis to her as Willie "Pops" Davis.

During a ten minute visit, Albably testified that she told Davis quote, "How could you do this, why did you not get them treated there?"

She said Davis answered "I told my boys this would happen."

Albably said she replied "What if they die?"

The defense questioned Albably's testimony saying she forgot to mention Davis in two previous interviews with law enforcement officers.

She claimed she was never asked.

The defense also pointed out that Albably had misidentified Davis in a mug shot line-up provided by police.

That same line-up, featuring eight similar looking men with white hair and glasses, was shown to the jury.

"They all looked so similar to me and I had only met him for 10 minutes," Albably said.

The defense is expected to start calling witnesses Wednesday when the trial resumes in the 85th district courtroom.