A Lot of Hullabaloo Brings Food Network to Wellborn

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Food Network is again on a mission to tell their viewers the locations of great food, and they've stopped in Wellborn as part of their new show, "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives."

If you are a fan of Food Network, you may recognize the name Guy Fieri. He is last year's winner of "The Next Food Network Star" and the host of "Guy's Big Bite." He said the new show is searching for food and atmosphere that stands out.

"We are going across the country looking for fun, unique, eccentric, different types of restaurants, diners, and dives," said Fieri.

The mission of show brought Fieri and a taping crew to Wellborn to highlight Hullabaloo's Diner.

"We had heard about this famous philly cheese steak sandwich and sausage sandwich they make in a diner that is under a roof with a squeaking windmill," Fieri said, adding all the things he heard about Hullabaloo's made the diner a must stop.

On Tuesday, Fieri spent the day at the diner cooking with Hullabaloo's chefs, cooking those famous sandwiches in front of the camera.

Episodes of the show will feature distinctive food with a unique flare. Hullabaloo's Diner qualifies because it serves local Texans authentic east coast cuisine in a diner atmosphere.

"Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" will show Food Network viewers where some of the best eateries are in their own backyard. After tasting the food, Fieri said Hullabaloo's Diner was a good place to sample.

"They definitely know what they're doing about food," Fieri said.

Producers with Food Network are not sure when the episode featuring Hullabaloo's will air, but the new show premieres in late April.