Defense Builds Case for Willie Davis

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Wednesday marked day seven in a Bryan resident's capital murder trial.

Willie Davis, 67, is accused of orchestrating a plot against a local rap producer, that eventually led to his death.

Prosecutors contend that Davis entered into an agreement to get revenge on Tommy Andrade who had stolen $100,000 in drugs or money from the Davis drug conspiracy. Davis is also accused of driving two injured hitmen, who sustained serious gunshot wounds during the raid, from Brazos County to Atlanta, Georgia.

On Wednesday, the state rested its case, and the defense made opening statements.

"He was not part of any conspiracy whatsoever to do any harm at all to Tommy Andrade," Davis' defense attorney Billy Carter said. "He gets a call from his son and he helps him."

The defense claims that Willie Davis' son, Chad, who is serving a life sentence for the crime, asked his father to drive the two injured hitmen across state lines.

After opening statements, the defense started calling witnesses, some who have previously testified in the trial.

Travis Crockett, a friend of Willie Davis' son, Trey, took the stand for the second time in the trial. Crockett testified that while at Trey's house, he overheard Chad and Trey plotting against Tommy Andrade. He also said he saw several guns laying on Trey's bed.

The defense questioned Crockett's state of mind at the time since he testified he had around 18 beers throughout the day.

"I was pretty drunk," Crockett said. "I was."

The defense also entered Willie Davis' banking records into evidence.

An expert witness testified, Davis had several thousand dollars in delinquent bills and was late on loan payments. When prosecutors cross-examined, the same witness testified Davis did have access to $30,000 in a CD.

The defense is expected to continue calling witnesses Thursday at 9 a.m. in the 85th District courtroom.