Descendant of a Texas Legend Recognized After Death

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The Bryan City Cemetery is a resting place for several recognizable names.

And as of Thursday morning, another name can now be seen amongst the hallowed grounds.

Ninety-four years after death, William Stuart Lorraine Bringhurst, a son-in-law of Texas legend Sam Houston, is officially recognized in his death.

"The truth is we didn't even realize that Dr. Bringhurst was buried in Bryan, said Claud Rost, Bringhurst's great-grandson. "He passed away in Corsicana, and it was always our assumption, there was a cemetary plot up there. It also was always our assumption that he must have been buried there."

Tracking Bringhurst's body to Bryan was no easy task, but through research, the Brazos Genealogical Association was able to make the discovery.

"We thought he was out here, but we were never really sure because the cemetery records are missing from the period of his death," said John Blair, past president of the Brazos Genealogical Association. "And it sort of took some time tracking, some genealogical work that we do and sure enough we were able to confirm that he was buried here."

However, until now, no gravestone identified his final resting place.

Bringhurst's granddaughter said he had passed before she was born, but that didn't stop her mother from telling her all about him and his career at a familiar university.

"He had a commendable career teaching as a faculty member at A&M and then later as an interim president," said Margarat Rost, granddaughter of Bringhurst. "So I'm sorry I didn't get to know him personally, but he was big in my life."