AG's Decision Affecting Citizens' Daily Business

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The attorney general's decision to remove Social Security numbers from public documents has been frustrating for both county clerks offices and citizens.

Residents who may need a copy of things like oil and gas leases, child support liens, federal tax liens, land titles, or divorce decrees will have to wait for acceptable copies of these documents to be made.

Greg Abbott's opinion was handed down last Wednesday, and it is also affecting how fast businesses and the armed services can complete background checks. In the long run, county clerks offices are facing the possibly of limited financial resources to continuously make and supply those copies.

Burleson County Clerk Anna Schielack said if they and other counties do not receive a reprieve, the county will have a expensive bill.

"It is gonna cost the county an extensive amount of money per document," Schielack.

On Wednesay, the attorney general suspended his ruling for 60 days. In a letter released by his office, Abbott stated the two month time period should give the state legislature an opportunity to deliberate on labor and budget issues popping up in counties all across Texas.