Texas Couple Arrested for Illegally Taking Mexican Baby

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A Texas couple arrested in Mexico is being investigated for trying to register as their own a two-week-old baby boy they said was given to them.

Monterrey police say 42-year-old Sergio Velez and 39-year-old Tomasa Ibarra of San Antonio were arrested outside the U.S. Consulate late Wednesday after inquiring about a visa for the baby.

State investigator David Cubillas says trying to legally register the child is a minor offense that allows for their release on bail.

Velez is a U.S. citizen and Ibarra is a legal U.S. resident. They told police a 21-year-old woman they met in the northern state of San Luis Potosi offered them the baby in December.

Their attorney, Luis Gonzales, says the baby's mother was en route to Monterrey to testify she had willingly given up the child.

The couple told police the baby's mother gave them the baby because she was too poor to care for him. They said they paid for the woman's expenses during childbirth but denied buying the baby boy.