Astronaut Faces Kidnapping Charge, Not Attempted Murder

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- Prosecutors have decided not to charge astronaut Lisa Nowak with attempted murder.

They charged her Friday with attempted kidnapping and other crimes, but didn't file the attempted murder charge that had been recommended by police.

The formal charges against Nowak from prosecutors in Orlando, Florida, come nearly a month after she was arrested in a parking lot at the Orlando airport.

Police have said she drove from Houston to confront a woman she saw as a rival for another astronaut's attention -- and that she wore an astronaut's diaper to avoid having to make stops along the way.

They say she wore a wig and a trench coat, and sprayed a chemical into the other woman's car when she wouldn't let Nowak in.

In addition to attempted kidnapping, Nowak is charged with burglary with a weapon and battery.