Big 12 Basketball Programming Note for KBTX and CW-BCS

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Four Big 12 Basketball games are scheduled to air Saturday between KBTX-TV and CW-BCS. Of particular interest besides the Texas A&M/Missouri game is the Texas/Kansas game scheduled for KBTX-TV (Ch. 3) at 11:00 a.m. from CBS. Aggie fans are watching closely the outcome of this game.

Because of contractual obligations with ESPN, KBTX must switch to the Baylor/Oklahoma State game at 12:30 p.m. At that time, the conclusion of Texas and Kansas may be seen on CW-BCS available over-the-air on your digital television channel 3.2 or through Suddenlink, Channel 8.

Following Baylor/Oklahoma State, KBTX and CW-BCS will air Texas A&M/Missouri in its entirety with the tip-off scheduled at approximately 3:00 p.m. To round out the evening, CW-BCS will air Texas Tech at Iowa State.

At the time the ESPN contract was negotiated for Big 12 Basketball, KBTX knew Kansas and Texas were on the schedule. However, since KBTX works closely with sister station KWTX in Waco, ESPN made clear that carriage of all Texas A&M and Baylor games on the primary signals was important to our securing the contract.

"Looking at the big picture, it was important that KBTX do whatever possible to secure Texas A&M Basketball based on pre-season predictions," explained Mike Wright, General Manager of KBTX-TV and CW-BCS. "The big draw was the Big 12 Tournament. We cleared all available tournament games to air on CW-BCS and have the ability to air Texas A&M games on the CBS side on KBTX if the network works with us. Again, the decision was grounded in the bigger picture that Texas A&M Basketball was the determining factor.

"We are appreciative of CBS and ESPN working with us to insure carriage of the Big 12 games and the upcoming tournament," Wright continued. "CBS is also fully aware of the Aggies' chances in March Madness and is always good about insuring sustaining, full carriage of all Aggie games when March Madness begins.

"We will always do what we feel is right for this community and the 18-county region served by KBTX-TV," he added. "We won't always be right, but we will always listen to and welcome opinions from our viewers on any and all programming decisions and news-related issues."

Summary of the Big 12 Basketball Schedule:


11:00 a.m. Texas at Kansas
12:30 p.m. Oklahoma State at Baylor
3:00 p.m. Missouri at Texas A&M


12:30 p.m. conclusion of Texas at Kansas
1:00 p.m. (approximately) Oklahoma State at Baylor joined in progress
3:00 p.m. Missouri at Texas A&M
7:00 p.m. Texas Tech at Iowa State

KBTX welcomes your comments about programming decisions and any news-related opinions and will soon fully explain a new feature now available on that allows you to do just that. Below is the comment box.