Willie Davis' Fate in Jury's Hands

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A Brazos County jury will sleep on it before deciding a Bryan man's fate.

After deliberating two hours Monday afternoon, the jury in the trial of Willie Davis was sent home until 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. Davis, 67, is accused of capital murder.

Throughout the trial, the state has contended Davis entered into an agreement to rob or burglarize local rap producer Tommy Andrade.

Andrade allegedly stole $100,000 from the Davis family, and the state says Willie helped orchestrate a plan that eventually led to Andrade's murder.

During Monday's closing arguments, the state reiterated their contention Davis was a part of a conspiracy. Prosecutors reminded jurors about testimony that Davis allegedly hauled drugs in his fishing boat, associated with three hitmen hired to steal from Andrade, and allegedly knew something would go wrong during the retaliation.

That's why, the state says, he was ready with bandages and the tour bus to haul the injured hitmen across state lines.

The defense claims prosecutors failed to make their case that Davis entered into an agreement with his two sons to get revenge on Tommy Andrade. During closing arguments, they told jurors Davis was a caring father who was just helping his troubled sons.

The defense claims that prosecutors have used Davis' involvement in drug trafficking to cause fear and anger. They say he may be guilty of dabbling in drug trafficking, but not capital murder.

If Davis is found guilty of capital murder he faces a life sentence. There are three other lesser included charges, that the jury could find Davis guilty of instead. Those include murder, aggravated robbery, or burglary of a habitation.

If Davis is found guilty of any of the lesser charges, there will be a punishment phase of the trial.