CS Apartment's Tenants Spend Days Without Gas

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Since February 20, residents at the Polo Club Apartment complex have been without gas after significant underground leaks were discovered. In that time, plumbers have been working to resolve the issues.

Tenants there are angry, but not just at the lack of heat.

"It wasn't that big a deal for the first few days," said one resident at the complex, John. "Then, a week came, and now two weeks here."

John and Cara call one of Polo Club's 237 units home. The recent colder weather has left it chilly in their apartment, and without the ability to clean clothes or cook.

Jason Tanton also lives in the complex. He pondered their current status.

"Yeah, we're roughin' it," he said. "Sometimes, it's odd because it seems warmer outside."

We definitely do appreciate our residents' patience and understanding during this time, and we know it's not easy," said Vicki Burd, a regional vice president with Myan Management, the owners of Polo Club.

Speaking on behalf of the complex, Burd says gas has been restored to 11 of 32 buildings, and more could get gas back in the next couple of days.

On Monday, February 26, Polo Club officials determined one plumbing company would not be enough to handle the gas leak issues. A second was brought out, says Burd, with one focusing on the underground issues, and the other working on inspection of the buildings.

Before gas can be restored to the buildings, tests set forth by College Station must be passed to assure safety.

In the meantime, Burd says they have provided hotplates to residents for cooking, bought pizza and drinks on one evening, and offered $100 off for March's rent. But residents say they don't feel the customer service has been up-to-par, citing poor attitudes from officials.

This apartment complex, it's going to go down because it's awful," Cara said. "Very, very awful."

Among the complaints of some have been a lack of willingness to find alternate accommodations like hotels during this time.

"I don't know where I'd put them all," Burd said from her Sugarland office, "and we hadn't considered that."

"We think that's wrong in itself right there," said John. "They're not looking out for our best interests," adding appreciation at least for the complex taking care of its gas leak issue.

"I would like to be kept more up-to-date so I can realize [what's going on,]" Tanton said. "I have tests coming up. I'm coming down with a cold with just how cold it's been."

Management officials say what they've offered so far will not be the end of compensation for their tenants. So far, they say they've spent $40,000 on repairs and rental concessions.