A New Use for Cell Phones

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AT&T is offering subscribers a new kind of TV remote control: their cell phones.

The company says it will begin offering Homezone customers the ability to control their digital video recorders through Web-enabled phones. The interface allows cell phone users to remotely schedule or delete recordings from their set-top boxes connected to satellite television service.

The downloadable programming also is being expanded to include 12-thousand programs from Akimbo. AT&T previously had content agreements with Yahoo and Movelink.

Homezone is a $9.99-per-month service that uses a set-top box to
help deliver content over the Internet to televisions. That includes on-demand movies, caller ID and photos stored on the home computer.

The company will not disclose how many subscribers Homezone has, but the service has far broader reach than U-verse, the premium service AT&T hopes will help it eventually win back cable customers.