Davis Found Guilty of Capital Murder

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Willie Davis' name has been added to the list of those convicted in the 2003 murder of a local rap producer.

On Tuesday morning, a Brazos County jury found the 67-year-old guilty of capital murder. Since the state did not seek the death penalty, Davis was automatically sentenced to life in prison.

Prosecutors argued that Davis plotted the murder of Tommy Andrade with his sons, Trey and Chad, who have also been found guilty for their respective roles. Willie also is said to have driven two injured hitmen across state lines after Andrade was murdered.

The plot to kill Andrade came after the rap producer was thought to have stolen $100,000 from the Davis family's drug conspiracy.

Tuesday morning, the family of Andrade listened to the verdict they were longing for.

"I feel pretty good," Janie Valdez, Tommy Andrade's mother said. "Justice has been served and Tommy is going to rest in peace."

It's Valdez's second time to sit through days of agonizing testimony about how her son was killed.

Chad Davis, Willie's oldest son, is the only other person involved in the conspiracy to stand trial. He was found guilty in December 2005 and sentenced to life in prison in the same courtroom as his father.

"Maybe I'll get to be with him," Willie Davis said as he was escorted out of the 85th District courtroom.

Chad's younger brother, Trey, pleaded guilty to robbery and burglary of a habitation and is currently serving a 40 year sentence.

The verdict marked another victory for the Brazos County District Attorney's Office.

"In 2003, we faced a huge challenge in this community," Brazos County District Attorney Bill Turner said. "We were facing an organized family and to go after them and to be successful to this point has been gratifying."

But Willie Davis' lawyers say it's not over yet. His defense team says they will probably file a motion for a new trial, then appeal the jury's conviction.

"It's not sad if he is guilty of capital murder, but it's really sad if you convict somebody of something they didn't do," Defense Attorney Travis Bryan III said.

Sad is an understatement for the local senior citizen, who was escorted in handcuffs to a lifestyle his sons have become accustomed to.

Willie Davis' attorneys say they will appeal the conviction within the next few weeks.