Investigators Dispatched to 22 TYC Facilities

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Law enforcement officers have been sent to 22 Texas Youth Commission facilities, including one in our own backyard.

A team of investigators is looking at Giddings State School in light of reports of juveniles sexually abused by TYC staff.

The 71 officers dispatched to various locations, will interview staff and minors, and investigate the widening abuse scandal that has rocked the agency.

Officers have been at the Giddings facility since Monday and will stay until the job is completed.

According to the Associated Press officers will stay indefinitely at all facilities.

Officers also were sent to TYC headquarters in Austin.
The TYC incarcerates about 2,700 offenders ages 10 to 21 who are considered the most dangerous, incorrigible or chronic.

Governor Rick Perry praised the scale of the probe into the agency.

An aide says the officers didn't need warrants to act under powers granted to the investigation by the governor.

Jay Kimbrough was appointed by Perry to look into allegations at a West Texas youth prison.
Kimbrough says the officers dispatched today will stay "as long as it takes."

Also today, e-mails and Senate meeting records emerged that legislators and their staff were told of abuses at the facility as early as March of 2005.

Some lawmakers say they didn't know until media reports last month.