64-Year-Old Woman Victim of Purse Snatching Theft at CS Wal-Mart

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COLLEGE STATION A 64-year-old woman and business owner became a victim of a purse snatching yesterday in the parking lot of the College Station Walmart. And an armed robbery happened in that same parking lot within the last two weeks. In this latest case, the thief got away with the victim's bank deposit bag that contained nearly a thousand dollars.

“You know? Why me?” questioned Janice Atherton.

It's been 24 hours and naturally, Janice Atherton is pondering the why's and what if's.

“I don't know why he chose me,” Atherton added. “It happened in a flash second and even when I felt the tugging at my arm it didn't even register to me that I was being robbed."

Thursday just after 1, Atherton who is a local business owner, says she went to the bank, made a with-drawl and directly after, went shopping at the College Station Wal-Mart off Texas Avenue and Brothers Blvd. As she began walking to her car with her groceries and purse in hand -- she says that's when her trip took an unexpected turn for the worse.

“As I'm trying to open my car, it just happened in flash of a second and I felt someone jerking at me and I see this guy with my moneybag in his hand,” Atherton said.

Atherton says the suspect never said a word during the theft; she says he didn't physically harm her nor did he have a weapon -- but he was able to gain possession of her bank deposit bag with nearly a thousand dollars cash inside it.

“The suspect is described as being an African American male in his early 20's, approximately 6 feet tall, slender in build and getting into a dark gray SUV and fleeing the area,” said College Station Police Lieutenant Chuck Fleeger.

Not even two weeks ago a Wal-Mart customer was robbed at gunpoint in the same parking lot and College Station Police are still searching for the suspects. It's unclear if both crimes are connected.

"There are differences in these two offenses. One of which involved multiple actors and the use of a fire arm and the time of day is different,” said Fleeger. “In this incident there was only one person approached the victim and no report of a weapon or any injuries. There are differences but certainly if we are able to ascertain who those suspects are we will certainly look for any connections between these or any other crimes.”

“You hear it all the time, and I supposed I'm just a big of a target as anybody else,” said Atherton. “I just need to be more careful, but I just can’t stop thinking about what would have happened if he had a weapon.”