CS Police Searching for Mall Bank Robber

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For the second time in five months, the First National Bank branch in Post Oak Mall has been robbed. In broad daylight, the suspect made off with an undisclosed sum of money.

At around 12:30 p.m. Friday, CSPD received a robbery alarm signal from First National Bank on the north side of the mall. When authorities arrived on scene, they were informed that a white male entered the bank and demanded money.

"He did not display a weapon or indicate that he had one," said Rhonda Seaton with College Station Police. "The tellers gave him money, and he left walking towards J.C. Penney from the bank."

While in the store, the suspect reportedly was wearing a ski mask, but then removed it and put on a cap as he left the bank. That action was caught on a bank surveillance camera. Authorities are currently processing that footage.

The suspect's description is as follows:

  • White male
  • Approximately 5'8"
  • Dark-colored hair
  • Grey hooded sweatshirt
  • Light, faded denim jeans
  • Dark grey gloves
  • White tennis shoes

    Authorities are asking that anyone at Post Oak between 12:15 and 12:45 who may have seen this man (pictured below) call CSPD immediately at 764-3600.

    Unfortunately, it's not the first time this branch has seen a robbery situation. It was back in October that another incident occurred. Authorities say additional surveillance footage was installed in and around the branch as a result.

    Police are investigating the possibility the two crimes are connected. The descriptions of the suspects in both robberies are very similar. On October 11, it was a 5'8" white male with a grey hooded sweatshirt, white tennis shoes and a ski mask that robbed the bank, though in the first instance, there was a gun brandished.