Spring Break Bound

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You may not have to stand in line at restaurants or face traffic near Texas A&M this coming week.

It's the beginning of spring break and students are putting down the books and getting out of town.

Rising gas prices are not even holding college students back.
Texas gas prices have surged for the fifth straight week in a row to an average $2.38 a gallon, but that's not keeping students from enjoying the break.

"I just want to forget about it and sit on the beach," one Texas A&M student said.

Cars lined the streets Friday at the university as students packed belongings for a week away from class.

"I just got done with a physics test and I need a break from studying," Duncan Lassiter, a Texas A&M student said.

Some of the students are off to tropical destinations like spring break hot spot South Padre Island.

"Pretty much it's the ultimate college kids spring break destination I think in Texas," Texas A&M student Katy Driver said. "That's pretty much why we picked it. We wanted to go to a beach."

Some packed cowboy boots for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, but most were ready to get back to the place they've missed the most

"I just want to be with my family for spring break," Kayla Nelson, a Texas A&M student said.

"It's just a nice break to be able to go home and relax," Texas A&M student Katherine Vick said.

So, for a week the hustle and bustle of the A&M campus will be a little more quiet, as the university shuts down for a break that students have been longing for.

Blinn College, BISD and CSISD will also be off for spring break.