Reminder: Move Clocks Ahead an Hour

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Daylight Saving comes a few weeks early this year. As Saturday becomes Sunday, remember to spring your clocks forward an hour.

The early arrival of Daylight Saving comes as part of a 2005 act to help conserve energy, including the cleaner use of domestic fuels like coal, tax incentives for Americans who purchase energy-efficient products for their homes and vehicles, and new research initiatives to find better sources of energy.

(Read about the Energy Policy Act, and President Bush's statement at the signing of it through the link below.)

Of course, much has been made about the Daylight Saving switch, in part because of its effect on computer technology. Corporations, cities and consumers have all had to make sure their systems are updated so the clocks are not off.

CBS News' technology correspondent, Daniel Sieberg, has provided a number of tips as this change occurs. You can also read those through in the "Related Links" section below.