Mother Fights Doctors' Decision to End Baby's Treatment

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The mother of a critically ill baby says she'll do everything possible to find treatment for her son after a hospital concluded there's no hope of recovery for the boy.

The Children's Hospital of Austin said yesterday that it will withdraw 16-month-old Emilio's respirator in ten days.

Catarina Gonzales has that much time to find another facility to take him. She says the boy still responds to her. She has battled the hospital over continuing treatment.

Doctors say Emilio is comatose and suffers from a disease that causes the central nervous system and muscles to degenerate.

Texas law allows doctors to end life-sustaining treatment in cases where they deem the treatment futile or unethical. But the hospital must give a family ten days to seek a transfer once the decision is made.

Gonzales, of Lockhart, says she'll look across state lines if she must.