Other Bryan Council Talks Include Fuel Theft Discussions

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Don't waste your time -- that's Bryan PD's message after they looked at a possible ordinance for gas thieves.

Acting on a council request, police studied whether the city would benefit from a new law forcing all gas stations to have customers pay before they pump.

In 2004, gas drive offs made up around 15 percent of total thefts in the city, but that number has dropped significantly. Last year, there were fewer than 50 reported gas thefts in the city (or less than two percent), a reduction police believe is because of increased credit card use at the pump.

Assistant Police Chief David Slanker also talked to the council about the possibility that gas station owners would begin calling authorities on each other. He added that ordinance violation complaints could very well exceed the number of fuel theft reports if an ordinance was put into place.

Slanker says his department spoke with counterparts in College Station. Their PD indicated they were not interested in a similar ordinance.

The Bryan city council also moved to purchase property near Easterwood Airport. That clears the way for the Texas A&M Health Science Center to locate there.

System Regents selected the Bryan location at a recent meeting. City officials had made an aggressive push for the HSC to locate in their city, citing a economic boost as a main reason.

However, the vote tonight was not unanimous. Councilmember Mike Southerland was the lone dissenting vote, saying it was not a good deal for the city.