Offended Lawmaker Removes Death-Penalty Artwork from Capitol

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It's not the death penalty that's sparking a controversy in the Texas legislature, it's an art exhibit about the death penalty.

State Representative Borris Miles, a Democrat, has taken down a painting of a man hanging from a rope and an illustration of a man strapped to an electric chair, titled, "Doing God's Work." They were part of an exhibit in the Capitol building organized by a group opposed to executions. Miles spotted them as he walked through with his young children. He says there ought to be limits.

The lawmaker who sponsored the group says it doesn't matter to him whether the offending pictures are there or not. But the group, the Texas Moratorium Network, says Miles overreacted.

Moratorium president Scott Cobb says some of the art was created by inmates on death row and says the purpose is to call attention to the death penalty. Cobb says, "Nobody has the right to take down what they don't like." Still his group has agreed not to put the pictures back up.