When It Rains, It Pours

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As much as four inches of rain fell in parts of the Brazos Valley. And while some enjoyed the much needed downpour, others found the excessive rainfall to be too much.

Minor flooding caused some problems at Acme Glass in Bryan. Every time it rains, owner Mitch Morehead says inches of water creeps into his business.

"It's a problem for our company every time it rains heavy like this," Morehead said. "It backs up and floods our building."

Work was put on hold as employees picked up brooms to save supplies.

"I understand there is another ban of storms coming our way so we may have another problem as the evening moves along," Morehead said. "It seems like the system that takes water off the street outside is undersized or doesn't allow water to run off in time when we have heavy rains."

And downtown Bryan wasn't the only area affected by the downpour. Park benches were barely visible at Sue Haswell Park and creeks were free flowing.

Crews with the city of Bryan stayed busy stopping traffic from crossing the high water areas. And as some enjoyed the shower, others cleaned up.