Lawmakers Move to Require Vision Tests for Older Drivers

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Under legislation given preliminary approval in the Texas House, elderly Texans would have to pass a vision test every two years to keep their drivers license after age 90.

The measure also will require drivers over 90 to renew their licenses in person every two years for an eight dollar fee. Current law requires renewal every six years for a 24 dollar fee, with online or mail options that don't require vision or driving tests every time.

The measure was approved in the House by a 115-10 vote yesterday. An amendment added during the debate would allow elderly drivers to skip to the front of the line when renewing their licenses.

The Senate also approved their version of the bill yesterday, which would require a vision test at age 79 and the possibility of driving tests starting at age 85. Officers would have the discretion to order a driving test.

A compromise will have to be negotiated between the two chambers.