Rain Helps Local Farmers and Ranchers

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The recent rain the Brazos Valley has been well received by local farmers and ranchers.

"We've been in a dry weather pattern for the past several years," said Bobby Kurten, a calf and cow producer. "This right here ought to set our spring up. We were desperately needing this rain we got over the last few days."

According to experts, farmers who just recently planted their corn are in the best shape. Many just planted last week. Meanwhile, farmers preparing to plant their cotton are also expected to reap the benefits.

"This moisture will help them," said Kurten. "If we get a few more rains, keep moisture in the ground to when they plant the cotton, they have adequate moisture there to sprout it and to grow it."

For local ranchers who are dependent on the rain for grass and hay, the rain is a welcome sight. Dry spouts take a toll on their livelihood.

"Any reduction in rain causes a reduction in grass. A reduction in grass causes a reduction in stocking rate,' said Kurten. "That means you have to sell off some cattle."

Kurten says in the ranching business, you can hardly get too much rain.

But with bad droughts in this area in the past, experts say we're not out of the woods yet. When it comes to rainfall, timing is everything.

"Timely rain is just what affects our business more than just the amount. We can have a year where we're 10-15 inches over average and have it be a horrible year because we didn't get it at the right time," said Kurten.

But for now, farmers and ranchers are pleased with the head start mother nature has provided and can only hope the weather stays on their side.