Stopping The Flood Waters in Downtown Bryan

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When the skies open up, some businesses in Bryan have to prepare to push water out of their stores.

Mitch Morehead is the owner of Acme Glass, a business that has consistently been flooded when heavy rains hit downtown Bryan.

"This is about our fifth time in the last three or four years we have had this as an issue," Morehead said.

He says there is one main reason why the water keeps backing up into his business: because it has no where else to go. For years, businesses on and around Tabor Road and 33rd Street have had to deal with flooding issues, but the city of Bryan is hoping new drainage projects will alleviate the problem.

Bryan's City Engineer, Linda Huff, says help is on the way for that area.

"We have completed the design and we will be out for bids in the next couple of months to do some major storm sewer improvements along Tabor," Huff said.

She says the plan calls for piping runoff water into Cottonwood Creek. It is a strategy that has already proven successful. Earlier, the city replaced and installed upgraded storm sewers on the east side of the railroad tracks. And so far, so good.

"We were able to really facilitate the drainage along Main Street and the Carnegie Library parking lot," Huff said.

Through the drainage utility fee, the city is able to collect $800,000 annually. That money is ear-marked to identify problem areas, then pay for improvements.

But Huff says it will take some time to finish. The new drainage system for the westside of the railroad tracks is currently scheduled to be completed by spring of next year.