BBC Restructuring Steps Could be Taken by Council

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Two hot-button issues will certainly make for one big Bryan city council meeting March 27. Not only will there likely be a heated debate over construction on Briarcrest Drive, the council will also discuss the Bryan Business Council.

At issue will be the four total resignations from the seven-member board, including three on Tuesday: Mitch Morehead, Louis Newman, and John Godfrey. Chairperson Dick Perkins stepped down days earlier.

Speculation continues as to the reason they left, with some saying focus on Texas A&M's Health Science Center was too great, and others saying recent appointments put a rift between the councilmembers.

City manager David Watkins says at the upcoming meeting, the council will talk about future role of the BBC, the governance model, and any recommendations on day-to-day operations.

An audit of the council is possible, and something Watkins says is customary. But he adds the investigation would be directed more at how the BBC can best serve the city, not at why the resignations were tendered.

The Briarcrest Drive discussion stems from a proposed multi-million dollar construction project aimed at alleviating conjested traffic on the road. TxDOT estimates the road is at capacity, and is proposing adding medians and additional turn lanes.

Many business owners are opposed to it because of the medians, which would eliminate left turns into some establishments.