Aggies, Sports Bars Rejoice as A&M Wins in Round One

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Spring break usually means peace and quiet around College Station.

Not so much on Thursday.

"We're going to start our spring break tomorrow," said Aggie student Katy Carrito. "We're going to go out to the beach and all that fun stuff, but we need to be here."

Here being the Fox and Hound, one of many local hotspots for watching A&M basketball. The combination of a 16-point win and a sports bar had past and present Aggies salivating for a beverage and a Saturday second round game.

"Come back, be with friends, see the girlfriend, who I haven't seen in a while, and just watch the game with good friends," was the priority list for Will Sirmon. "It's totally different. You've got to be in College Station."

Boston's saw similar numbers in their young location.

"With the student population being out of town, we weren't completely sure what kind of turnout we were going to get," said Gje Lee, the restaurant's director of marketing. "But as you can see, we've had a great turnout today."

It's the pizza place's first spring break, and thanks to Aggie basketball and added interest in March Madness as a result, they and the restaurants that might not have been as busy have seen an added bounce.

"Everybody's really excited," Lee said. "We've been busy since before noon, and I think we'll go well into the afternoon. It's a pretty exciting atmosphere here."

That includes the distributors of the biggest seller at sports bars, who can remember a time when spring break week meant a slight break in sales.

"Everybody really has a misnomer about the college kids leaving, the town drying up, and that's not the case," said local beer distributor Bob Gay. "As you can see here, it's evident in Boston's, and it's good that Aggies are playing. There's no question about it."

Plus, an Aggie win means a St. Patrick's Day's second round game as students return to town.

The sports bars may just be packed then, too.