Fast Food Chain Accused of Racial Inequalities

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Allegations of racial discrimination are being brought against Jack in the Box. Protesters lined up Saturday outside both Jack in the Box restaurants in Huntsville.

The demonstrations were in protest of a long-time, African-American employee allegedly being passed over for a managerial position. The employee has since filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The organizer of the protest was Erskine Hill, president of Black People For Justice. Hill says he has been contacted by other Jack in the Box employees with similar accounts. He says they want to send a message to the fast food restaurant chain: that discrimination is unacceptable.

"[What] we hope to accomplish [by demonstrating is] that Jack in the Box realizes that they can not continue to mistreat black employees," Hill said.

In response to Saturday's protests, Jack in the Box's corporate office released this statement:

" Jack in the Box takes pride in its diverse workforce and is committed to providing fair employment opportunities to everyone. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind within our organization and take great care to ensure that equity is shown in all aspects of the employer-employee relationship. In the Houston area, nearly 40 percent of our
restaurant management team is African-American, and more than a third of these managers were promoted from within."

Black People For Justice says they plan on demonstrating at more Jack in the Box restaurants in the Houston area.