Burglary Suspect in Standoff Discovered Dead

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A day-long standoff in Bryan Monday came to a tragic conclusion. After holding police at bay for hours, a burglary suspect has apparently taken his own life.

The victim has been identified as Troy Garrett (pictured below). Police found his body when they stormed the town home he was hiding in.

Authorities haven't said how Garrett died, but an autopsy has been ordered.

The 38-year old ex-con was staying at the town home with a relative after being released from an Oklahoma prison. He had already been arrested for DWI in College Station on February 28.

Authorities say he was in the middle of burglarizing a home Monday morning when he was interrupted by the home owner.

Police tracked Garrett to the 2400 block of Memorial, where he barracaded himself in a townhome. As a result, BPD blocked off the street from Village Drive to the 2500 block, and units in the surrounding area were evacuated.

Later, police determined Garrett was armed.

Throughout the day, police negotiators tried several methods to talk to Garrett.

"We made attempts through the phone that is in the house," said Bryan Assistant Police Chief Pete Scheets. "We made attempts through a bullhorn trying to contact him from the streets, seeing if he would respond to that. We also have a throw phone which we put into the building or put into the residence and we encourage them to make contact with us via the throw phone and none of these were successful this evening."

When police finally stormed the residence around 7 p.m., Garrett's body was discovered.