New System to Cut Down on 911 Response Time

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When a call comes in to the Leon County 911, time is of the essence. And a new enhanced notification system at the dispatch base may make all the difference.

"The new system will be much easier for my dispatch to be able to identify a location on the mapping system," Leon County Sheriff Mike Price said. "It will be much easier than the current system, the addressing is going to be much better. Also, it should give us a lot quicker response just from the fact we will be able to pinpoint a location much easier than in the past."

Price said the current 911 system only provides dispatch operators with numbers and a dot on a map, whereas the new system will display an exact location, along with the ability to zoom in on a residence.

The new system also means a new look for the control center.

"New computer screens, new computers, recording equipment, we're going to have the whole enchilada," said Price. "So we're really excited about it "

Price says the Leon County 911 directs all emergency traffic not only for his office, but the parks and wildlife, the Department of Public Safety, local police departments, and about 10 volunteer fire departments.

"With an 1100 square mile radius and as many different agencies as we service, the enhanced system is hopefully going to cut down considerably on how long it takes to get vital services to the public," Price said.

Officials say the Brazos Valley Council of Governments made the upgrade possible.

Within the next two weeks, the installation process will begin. Once it's up and running the new system also has the ability to alert residents of severe weather, fires, and other emergency situations.