Burglary Suspect Had Extensive Criminal History

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There is new information regarding Monday's day-long stand-off in Bryan. News Three has learned 38-year-old Troy Garrett used a knife to commit suicide in a neighbor's residence.

It started Monday morning after Garrett was interrupted while attempting to burglarize a Bryan home. Police tracked the ex-con to a town home on Memorial Drive, where he kept them at bay for several hours.

"I came home from work and as I was walking up, I hear the SWAT team on top of the roof shooting gas into the house," Neighbor Jacob Key said.

Garrett was believed to be armed because police thought he stole a pistol. They later learned that wasn't true.

The 38-year-old has a long list of past offenses, mostly burglaries.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections website, Garrett was in and out of jail for over a decade. He was just released last month.

Most recently, he was arrested in Brazos County for a DWI.

Neighbors say Garrett seemed like an average guy.

"They are usually outside in their garage working," Key said of Garrett and his girlfriend. "There was a motorcycle they were working on."

It was after hours of unsuccessful negotiations, police finally broke in only to find Garrett dead from self-inflicted wounds.

"You never guessed that from someone like that," Key said. "I didn't think he would be able to do something like that."

Police say an autopsy is pending.