Blinn Student's Family: Faulty Jeep May be Behind Accident

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The cause of a fiery wreck in Port Aransas over spring break that killed two Blinn students remains a mystery. But the family of one victim is now looking at something besides alcohol or driver error.

Relatives of Parisa Biglari jumped on the internet after that accident and checked out the jeep she was driving. Now, they want some answers to some serious questions.

"She was pretty amazing," said Armand Biglari, who is at his parents' home on the northwest side of San Antonio this week, helping them get through this tough time, trying to remember the best in his 19-year-old sister, Parisa.

"Basically, extremely talented in terms of her voice," Armand said, describing Parisa, "and she was very ambitious, and she was a great artist."

But they're also trying to make sense of the accident that killed her.

"She veered off and overcorrected," Armand said.

Parisa's 2006 Jeep Liberty struck an on-coming truck in Port Aransas on Thursday and burst into flames. It turns out, the 2006 Jeep Liberty has three pending recalls, including one problem that its maker says could result in a "loss of steering control, and could cause a crash," and another problem that the maker says "could cause an underbody fire.

"From what we're observing, this shouldn't have happened," Armand said.

Authorities say they are looking into whether alcohol played a role in the accident, but Armand says Parisa was a very smart, A-student, and even graduated from Reagan High early. They aren't ready to believe that she alone was responsible for two people's deaths.

Armand says the family simply doesn't know if Parisa was aware of those recall problems -- or had them taken care of. She had the Jeep for less than a year.

Also killed in that crash was a fellow Blinn student, 19-year-old Shelton Uptmore.