Aggie Fans Gear Up for the Big Game

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It's another big match-up for the Aggies as the men prepare to face the Memphis Tigers Thursday night in San Antonio.

It's also an excuse for a road trip and another night to cheer on the maroon and white.

"Should be tons of fun," Texas A&M student Crosby Scofield said. "I'm real excited about it."

For the first time during their college career these sophomores are stocking up on "so-called" necessities, like chips and soda, and hitting the road, San Antonio bound.

"I just thought this was kind of a once in a lifetime opportunity," Texas A&M student Kristen Meyer said. "I've never really been to a big basketball game like this. I love basketball. It's my favorite sport to watch on TV and I thought it would be fun to see it in person."

And they're not the only ones preparing for Thursday night's match-up. At Wings-n-More on University Drive they expect a packed house.

"It's going to be huge," waitress Lindsey Holcomb said. "People are going to be showing up three hours beforehand just to get a table. We're expecting a good crowd."

It's something about the maroon and white that draws crowds and screams school spirit.

"You just catch it," Texas A&M student Boone Duvall said. "You see everyone excited at the games and stuff and you feed off everyone else I guess."

And it's the spirit that will keep students and fans tuned into the big game.

Don't forget, you can watch the Aggies live on KBTX.
The game tips off at about 6 p.m. Thursday.