Ex-Boyfriend Charged in Murder of Missing Aggie

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The ex-boyfriend of a missing Texas A&M student was charged with murder Wednesday night after leading authorities to a dumpster where possibly the body of Tynesha Stewart had been left.

With the help of community activist Quanell X, Tim Shepherd led police to a dumpster in north Harris County. Timothy Wayne Shepherd, 27, has not made a formal confession and is no longer cooperating with investigators, but he is charged in the death of 19-year-old Tynesha Stewart, the Houston Chronicle quoted Lt. John Denholm of the Harris County Sheriff's Office homicide division.

The ex-boyfriend of a missing Texas A&M student led community activist Quanell X and police to a dumpster in north Harris County Wednesday.

Stewart’s mom said investigators were set to next check the landfill where that dumpster’s load would have been taken. Officials said the dumpster had been picked up at least twice since Stewart went missing March 15.

Shepherd, who had been interviewed several times by law enforcement about the disappearance of Stewart, had asked to speak to Quanell X to take him for a ride.

After hesitating more than once, he finally told Quanell to turn into an apartment complex on Ella.

Then eerily Shepherd slowly led Quanell and a Harris County detective to a dumpster. Quannel then took the young man in his arms and began to pray

That dumpster is possibly, where Stewart’s body was left. It was at that moment that it sunk in, that the smiling woman many in the area had come to know was gone.

Her mother seemed resolved to the fact Stewart was not going to be found alive.

“I guess God wanted another angel around,” said Stewart’s mother Gale Shields. She had previously said the couple had a volatile relationship. About a year and a half ago, the boyfriend refused to let Stewart leave his apartment. So, her parents came with police.

Investigators said Shepherd had not confessed to killing Stewart. Quenell X though said that when he asked "is this where you put her" Shepherd told Quanell, "Yes."

For her family and friends, that already had an idea something bad had happened to her, the latest news was still hard to take.

Shepherd was taken into custody. Quanell X went to Harris County Homicide to give a statement and the dumpster was taken by the county for evidence.

The focus now is to find her body and to find out why she was killed.

Earlier in the day, Stewart’s fellow Aggies -- those who knew her and those who didn't -- felt the need to leave school and join her family and volunteers. As they looked for her, also joining in the search was one of Stewart’s uncles Minnesota Vikings player Jason Glenn. The linebacker flew in from Minnesota to help.

Jason and his brother Aaron, who plays for the Dallas Cowboys, are Mrs. Shields' brothers.