Learning To Be an American From an American Leader

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Boy Scouts across the Brazos Valley got the chance to gain presidential insight on citizenship. Former President George H.W. Bush addressed an estimated 600 Scouts at the Bush Library early Saturday morning.

Scouts from various parts of Texas and even Indiana traveled to hear the 41st president speak. He answered questions about his experiences in the military, public service and the presidency. The Scouts' special session with Mr. Bush helped fulfill a requirement for their Citizenship in the Nation merit badge.

The former president says the Scouts provide an effective way to teach the importance of being an American citizen.

"There is no way to overstate the freedom that we have in this country." President Bush said. "They are worth fighting for. They are worth having, and I think the Boy Scouts do just that."

This the second time in two years the Scouts have been able to work with the George Bush Library to earn a merit badge. Last year, the scouts were able to earn their Railroading merit badge while the library hosted their railroad exhibit.