Two Aggies On Top Of National Rugby Heap

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Nicholas Cook and Hamish Roberts play for A&M's rugby team and both have been selected to play on the USA U-19 Eagles.

"[It is a] team made of the best under-19 players in the US, and we go abroard and play [the best under 19 players across the world]," Roberts said.

He and Cook will start for the US in the team's quest to make it to and win the Under-19 World Championship. The chances for winning are good when you have players who have played together for some time.

"We played for the Woodlands high school team, then on the Texas U-19s," Roberts said.

"Hamish and I decide we both wanted to go to A&M [and play rugby on the same team]," Cook said.

That is ironic considering their dads found out at one of their high school rugby games that they played against each other.

A conversation on the sidelines about his rugby playing days made Drew Roberts and Philip Cook's worlds smaller.

"We [were] talking about what he had done, then [I] remembered the '82 tour of Scotland and Wales," Cook's father said.

"We [figured out we] played each other [in] a particular event in Aberdeen in 1982," Roberts' father said.

Neither dad remembered each other, but they both recognized how odd it is that their lives have crossed through their sons. The Roberts family only moved to the US in 1997, and they just so happened to move to Houston. It was the same city that the Cook family called home.

Now, both families are proud to have their sons representing their country.

"There is something about representing your country, and particularly when it is a new country for us like the US," Cook's father said.

"I can only imagine what he [will] feel when they play the anthem at the beginning of the game," Roberts' father said.

The USA U-19 Eagles leave on Wednesday headed to Ireland for the first round in a month-long tournament. To find out more information about the U-19 Eagles and the world championship line-up, click on the link below.