Beck Street Residents Complain About Construction Woes

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They were all for it, but as construction continues on Beck Street in Bryan, residents are counting down the days to its completion. Homeowners say they feel inconvenienced, but the city of Bryan says the results will be well worth it.

"They're all one way, and it's just really bothersome trying to get through here," Kevin Dickerson with Flying Penguin Ice said.

For Dickerson, delivering ice has never been so hard.

"It took 20 to 30 minutes to get across one street," he said. "It's real rough on us, trying to make a living and everything."

It's all because of Bryan's Beck Street Extension Project. It's been part of the city's thoroughfare plan since the 1980s, but bumps in the road delayed it until now.

"It connects a major corridor on essentially the west bypass of town with a direct thoroughfare to our redeveloping downtown Bryan area," Bryan Assistant City Engineer Paul Kaspar said.

Phase two of the project started Monday. It extends Beck Street to an area where it didn't exist and replaces the old street with a new one.

The latest phase only allows for one-way traffic, which has caused a few headaches for residents in the area.

"We might not have to go that way in some months, and some months we may not be able to go the other way," Beck Street resident Christina Gill said. "We're just going to have to re-route our lives."

Residents seemed pleased with the project when it was first introduced, but construction woes have gotten the best of them.

"We have to go all the way around 2818 and come back," Beck Street resident Prentiss Underwood said, "so that's really what is bothering me."

However, the worst is yet to come.

"There will be a period for each driveway for about a week, where they will have to find other places to park and then walk to their home," Kaspar said.

The city says the outcome will be worth it: a brand new concrete street with widened sidewalks for area kids.

Phase two is expected to be finished by this summer, the entire project should be completed by 2008.

Beck Street is closed from Richard Street to Palasota Drive. Eastbound traffic flow is only allowed. Westbound traffic is being detoured via Anita and Bamboo streets.