Locally Grown Food Offers Unique Shopping Experience

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Some of the most fresh and nutritional produce can be found right here in the Brazos Valley.

The Farmer's Market, offers locally grown fruits, vegetables, and plants.

Customers can not only purchase their food items directly from the source but they can also talk to the farmers and gardeners about how that food was grown.

"You can know how your lettuce was grown, and you can know how your onions were grown," said Patrick Gendron of the Brazos Valley Farmer's Market. "It's a place you can come and know what you're getting for your family is the best and most nutritious, and you get to know where it comes from."

The Farmer's Market prides itself on the selection they provide. Produce is picked the day of the market and officials say it's that freshness and nutritional value in their products that simply can't be matched.

"It's a healthy way of life. You can't beat the difference in flavor from a store bought tomato that you buy at the big box store to what you can buy from a local farmer or gardener," said Gendron. "When you compare the difference, it's just incomparable."

The market is a growers-only market, so what customers are buying is being grown in the Brazos Valley.

Shoppers have an assortment of options and types of produce that can be bought, including organic, conventional, and even hybrid versions as well.

Officials say it's a shopping experience that can't be beat.

"We're one of the few growers-only Farmer's Markets in the state of Texas, so this is a unique experience," said Gendron. "There is not another Farmer's Market within a 100-mile radius of here, so we're happy to share that with the community."

The Farmer's Market is open every Wednesday from 4-7 p.m. at the College Station Central Park, and on Saturday's in Bryan from 7 a.m.-12 p.m. across from courthouse.