Students Earn Big Bucks at Livestock Show

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Tuesday marked the last night of the 51st Brazos County Youth Livestock Show, and the prize money came flowing in.

For one local teen and his kid brother, it was not all about winning. The competition taught them about brotherly love.

"My dad thought it would be a great thing to do with his sons, so he got me involved and over the years, we got better and more experienced," Garrett Murphy said.

Six years later, Garrett's younger brother, Hunter, got his own pig.

"My brother was doing it and my dad thought it would be fun for me too," Hunter Murphy said.

The two Bryan boys work all year long for just one event: The Brazos County Youth Livestock Show.

This year, their hard work paid off.

"I won third and first in my class," Hunter said.

Garrett walked away with the coveted prize of Grand Champion.

"it was amazing," Garrett said. "The whole night, I was thinking that they made a mistake because I couldn't believe it happened to me."

It will be the last competition for Garrett, who graduates from Allen Academy this year. Hunter says he will also no longer compete and focus on other interests.

Even though the two have said good-bye to the hobby, they will share life-long memories.

In addition to Garrett and his win for Market Barrow, the Grand Champion winners are:

  • Brandy Drozd (Baked Good)
  • Skyler Wendler (Canned Good)
  • William Nuche (Market Goat)
  • Kyle Ramsey (Market Lamb)
  • Stephanie Mazurkiewicz (Market Steer)
  • Brian Kubichek (Market Rabbits)
  • Michelle Wolff (Market Turkey)
  • Elizabeth Alderete (Market Broilers)