Keeping Uninvited Pests Out of the Home

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Officials at ABC Pest and Lawn are already off to a busy start this season, thanks in large part to some little bugs known as subterranean termites.

The creepy crawlers are back, and in large numbers. Experts say the termites are looking for new places to nest, and their next step could be your home.

"They're coming out and making holes, making their presence through sheet rock," said David Kitchen of ABC Pest and Lawn. "People are finding swarm castles and mud and dirt coming out of the walls."

Termite season typically starts in late February and can continue in to the early summer months.

Officials say a moist fall and winter last year, combined with the beginning of the current warmer temperatures, has made living conditions for the bugs ideal.

"As the warmer temperatures occur, termites are starting to get a little more active and are starting to swarm," Kitchen said. "As they swarm, they are going to start making their presence in people's homes and around the outside of the house."

However, experts warn homeowners that even if a swarm of the insects hasn't been spotted yet, it doesn't mean the house is pest-free. The tiny pests could be racking up thousands of dollars worth of damage in your home without anyone knowing it.

"If left untreated, the expense of replacing wood, remodeling and doing types of construction is going to be in excess of thousands of dollars," Kitchen said.

There are some things homeowners can do to safeguard their home from the uninvited pests.

"Make sure there is no wood debris around the outside of the foundation," said Kitchen. "Remove all firewood away from up against the house. Keep the soil lowered on the foundation somewhat, and just have a routine inspection done."