Children to Stay in Booster Seats up to Age Eight

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Children under age eight will have to be secured in a booster seat when riding in a passenger vehicle.

The Texas Senate passed legislation to that effect yesterday.

Current law requires booster seats for children under five and less than three feet tall. The bill approved Wednesday would raise the height requirement to four feet nine inches and put Texas law in line with federal guidelines.

The sponsor of the bill is Senator Judith Zaffirini. She says seat belts do not fit children properly and can injure or kill them in an accident.

Starting in June 2008, people who don't follow the law would face a 25 dollar fine. the state would use that money to buy booster seats for low-income families. Until then, police officers would only issue warnings.

The bill now goes to the Texas House. About 40 other states already require parents to follow the age and height requirements in the bill.