Hearing Set for Man Who Claims Innocence in 1982 Rape

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A Texas man could become the 13th in Dallas County to be exonerated with the help of DNA evidence.

James Curtis Giles served 10 years for a 1982 rape he says he didn't commit. He has a court hearing scheduled for Monday. His lawyer and the Dallas County District Attorney's Office will present evidence they say proves his innocence.

His lawyer says he is -- quote -- "overjoyed to finally have this day."

His lawyer and the DA say the case turned on a case of mistaken identity. They say police went after the wrong James Giles.

A man by the same name lived across the street from the victim and had previously been arrested on other charges with a man linked by DNA evidence to the crime.

Also, the victim now says she has doubts that James Curtis Giles committed the rape. And an eyewitness has identified the other James Giles in a photo lineup. That man died in prison in 2000.

If Giles wins his case, he would become the 13th Dallas County man since 2001 exonerated by DNA evidence.

Texas leads the nation with 27 DNA exonerations, one more than Illinois.