Aggie Fans Emotional After Gillispie Bolts for UK

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The reaction from Texas A&M fans to Gillispie's departure was not exactly supportive of the coach's decision.

Some people, however, were pleased.

"I'm like a little kid on Christmas morning right now," Matt Wren said.

Clad in a gray Kentucky basketball t-shirt, Wren left no doubt he was pleased with the Wildcats' choosing Gillispie as their new head coach.

"I'm pumped. I'm really excited," he said.

Wren was the lone exception to a lot of the glum faces at the University Drive location of Wings 'n More.

The majority of people headed to lunch on Good Friday were not so exuberant, or supportive of the coach now headed to greener pastures full of Bluegrass.

"If he says he's going to go somewhere, then he needs to do it," A&M student Stacy Epps said. "He let everybody down."

"I wish he would've just made the decision and just not beat around the bush," Aggie fan Stephanie Ramirez said. "I think a lot of people are heartbroken."

Fan Ed Wren was equally blunt, saying Gillispie's departure will have a negative effect.

"It's going to hurt A&M. I really do believe that," Wren said. "They've had a great basketball program since he came here. And I hope that they will go out and try to find them a new coach that's just as good."

The overwhelming emotion from A&M basketball fans was one of dejection.

The Aggies are left having to search for a new basketball coach with only a few days left until National Signing Day on April 11.

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