New Details Emerge on What May Have Led to Northgate Murder

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For most of Thursday morning, College Station police taped off area streets around the V Bar on Northgate as they tried to find who killed Johnathan Bailey.

By late Thursday afternoon, police had a suspect in custody. Ronald Johnson, Jr., 23, was arrested and charged with Bailey's murder. His bond has been set at $200,000.

However, questions still remain as to what events preceded the Rice basketball player's stabbing death as he and his twin brother celebrated their 22nd birthday.

An attorney involved in the case says Johnson was only protecting his friend. David Brown says Johnson is a US Marine who was defending fellow Marine Michael Fuller, whom Brown represents.

Brown says both Johnson and Fuller served together in Iraq and were waiting possible redeployment as part of the Marine reserves. He says Fuller was in College Station on a visit.

Brown claims Bailey first attacked Fuller inside the V Bar. When bar workers told the birthday revealers and Fuller to get out, the fight continued outside.

Brown says once outside, Fuller was severely beaten by Johnathan and Janson Bailey and others. He alleges that during the fight, Ronald Johnson entered the fray with a knife to help Fuller.

Police say the Bailey twins were stabbed in the upper chest region. Johnathan died from his injuries, but his brother Janson survived.

Fuller was taken to College Station Medical Center to be treated for injuries that disfigured his face, Brown says. College Station Police have not confirmed this account of the events from Thursday morning. They only say their investigation continues.

Perhaps that means all families involved could have their questions answered in the coming days.