Warmer Temperatures Wanted For Easter

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If you look at the calendar, it says it is supposed to be spring, but the temperature says it is winter.

Saturday morning, the Brazos Valley woke up to cold temperatures, rain, sleet, and in some parts, snowflakes. Easter eve wardrobe and plans for many had to change.

For the past four years Linda Constancio and her family, some who come from as far away as Mississippi and Iowa, have gathered together the Saturday before Easter. This year, Saturday's temperature was a surprise.

"Normally we have sunshine and sometimes we have cold, but this time we have a little of cold and rain and sleet," Constancio said.

On the party agenda were the basics.

"Normally there's horse shoes and tennis and volleyball and things like that, but we won't be doing that today, I don't think," Constancio said.

Despite the weather, Constancio says the food, pinata, and table clothes are ready and the party will go on.

"Regardless, we're going to have it," Constancio said.

Over at Post Oak Mall, Mary Jones and her family say identical plans are being disrupted by Old Man Winter's late visit.

"I was surprised it had gone down that much because it was warm yesterday and it got cold this morning," Jones said.

Jones travelled here all the way from Corpus Christi to celebrate Easter with her children and grandchildren. Barbecue and Easter egg hunts planned on the lake have to be held at an alternate location.

"We're going to celebrate it at my son's house in the backyard," Jones said. "He's got a big backyard."

With temperatures expected to remain unseasonably cold Sunday, people may not be able to wear that special Easter outfit.

Brazos County resident, Andrea Fowler says she has already found the proper outfit for her daughters.

"We put away the sundresses we had planned and dug through our winter clothes," Fowler said. "And pulled out long sleeves and things that were color appropriate but winter weather appropriate."

This Easter, a cold snap had people looking for something more enticing than Easter eggs. It had them hunting for warmer temperatures.