Most Freed TYC Youths Return to Harris County

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HOUSTON -- Most of the juvenile offenders being released by the troubled Texas Youth Commission will return to Harris County.

Some officials say that's logical given its large size. The ACLU of Texas says that shows Harris County values convictions and hard time over justice.

The state's juvenile prison system has said it plans to release hundreds of inmates who have completed their minimum sentences and haven't caused any trouble behind bars.

The move is part of a top-to-bottom investigation of agency policies amid burgeoning allegations that inmates were sexually and physically abused.

TYC has said 143 or 144 of the 550 juveniles initially identified for release are from Harris County.

Bexar County had the next highest number of juveniles to be released with 44. On Friday, TYC said it would release more than 400 but fewer than 550 juveniles.

As of Thursday, 1,053 of the system's 4,600 juveniles were from Harris County. Dallas County had the next highest number with 537.