Local Church Spreads Easter Cheer 10,000 Ways

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Members at the West Oaks Baptist Church have been hard at work for several months, filling Easter eggs with delicious goodies for a community egg hunt.

"We would take home big boxes of eggs, more than 560 eggs every week, and we would just start stuffing the eggs." said Melody Almaraz, West Oaks Baptist Church member.

Another church member Jim Shipman proudly claimed, "I helped out with 4,764 eggs."

But 10,000 filled eggs and a cold snap later, the Easter egg event scheduled for Saturday, April 7th, was cancelled.

However, the cold weather did not stop the church from still bringing a little warmth to hearts of others.

Easter Day, the congregation packed up their cars and transported the 10,000 eggs to St. Jospeh's Regional Health Center, hoping to spread Easter joy to those feeling a little under the weather.

"We follow after God, and he had bigger ideas. Ideas far beyond what we had for this event," said West Oaks Baptist Church Pastor James Heffington. "We're just excited about what he's going to do."

The children of the church we're excited too, to deliver Easter cheer to some of the hopsital's patients.

"To see a kid smile, or a parent smile and show we do care about them," said Shipman. "This is something we want to show through our actions not our words."

The delivery of the Easter eggs to the hospital may not have been part of the church's original plan, but organizers feel they did achieve their main goal, blessing the community in some way.

"This may be the beginning of something new. They say in Bryan and College Station you do something twice and it's a tradition," said Heffington. "So this may well become a tradition for us after today. A tradition God started himself."