Houston ISD to Consider Asking for an End to TAKS

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The state's largest school district will consider a resolution asking the Legislature to replace the state's standardized tests with end-of-course exams.

The Houston Independent School District board plans to vote Thursday on a resolution asking the state to replace the TAKS test with end-of-course exams.

Two bills are currently before the Legislature that would replace the TAKS test with end-of-course exams in core subject areas.

Parents and teachers have criticized the high-stakes nature of the TAKS. They say too much classroom time is spent preparing students for the test.

Houston schools Superintendent Abelardo Saavedra said students need a full, well-rounded education. He says end-of-course exams could be used to better determine whether children are learning everything they need to learn.

Houston school board member Kevin Hoffman says the TAKS testing system -- quote -- "does not create a healthy learning environment for teachers and students."