Wintry Weather Downs Local Crops

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For local farmers who are dependent on the weather for their livelihood, a sudden cold snap such as the one over the weekend, can mean the difference between profit and loss.

The weather left it's mark on the crops of several local farmers, especially wheat.

"With the wheat we have a little bit of sleet and snowfall on the plant. The extra weight, which it can't stand a lot of weight, just laid it over in spots," said David Stratta of Stratta Farms. "That's going to hurt the harvest a little bit."

The prices for both wheat and corn have already gone up, due to damages of the crops in more northern areas.

Stratta's Farm was one of the lucky ones, his wheat crop is expected to do just fine.

However, harvest is just around the corner, and that could be slowed down due the winter weather's affect on the downed crops.

"We normally like to come in and cut the wheat around the level that the heads are at. But now with it laying down, we're going to have to go lower with the combine," said Stratta. "And since we have to go lower it's going to make it a little harder to harvest it."

But farmers say it could have been much worse, especially if the temperatures would have dropped below freezing.
Many of them were late planting this year, due to a very wet March, so crops like cotton haven't yet been planted.
Also, corn hasn't yet come out of the ground.

"The key thing about the corn is the growing point was below the ground and the temperature at ground level didn't get below freezing, so I think all the corn looks good," said Stratta.

And now farmers just have to hope and wait that the weather will stay on the right course.