Murder Suspect's Friend Speaks Out on Northgate Incident

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Ron Johnson, the man accused in the stabbing death of a Rice basketball player was out on $200,000 bond Sunday night.

The stabbing happened during a bloody brawl outside a College Station bar. But the circumstances surrounding the fight are cloudy -- perhaps even more so now that another man involved in the incident is letting his story be told.

Even though Mike Fuller’s lawyer asked the media not to interview his client because of possible litigation, his parents wanted their son’s story heard.

Last Thursday morning, shortly before 2 a.m., College Station police say Ron Johnson, a Marine, stabbed Rice basketball player Jonathan Bailey and his twin brother, Janson, after they got into an altercation outside a bar.

Jonathan Bailey died at the hospital.

But Mike Fuller, a 22-year-old Marine home from serving in Iraq, insists there was a reason the pair were stabbed. He claims the brothers and their friends were beating him up, and that Johnson came to his defense.

“I mean, it could be him that was dead," mother Kathy Fuller said. "We could be burying our son. Ron came to his rescue. Ron saved him."

College Station police won’t comment on Fuller’s story, only saying they are still working to sort out the circumstances surrounding the stabbing.

“This young man was outside the bar and for lack of a better term, he was getting stomped on,” Fuller’s attorney, Rick Ramos, said.

After the fight, Fuller and Johnson left the scene and went back to their apartment. Shortly afterward, officers arrived to question the men. They took Fuller to the hospital and Johnson to jail.

Police wouldn’t comment on whether they consider Fuller as a suspect, but they said more arrests could be on the way.